NZIFF ’10: White Material

nziff ’10: White Material
Dir. Claire Denis | France | 2009 | 102 mins.

Isabelle Huppert stars in the latest film from Claire Denis (35 Rhums, Trouble Every Day) as a white French coffee plantation owner harbouring a militant rebel hero known as “Le Boxeur,” played by Isaach de Bankolé (The Limits of Control).

Set in an undefined African country besieged by racial tension, the film is partly a thriller and partly an exploration of colonialism. Evocatively scored, it contains some of the most beautiful images that will grace any movie screen this year: you can almost feel the dust surround you. Huppert and Bankolé’s performances—along with Christophe Lambert as her husband and Nicolas Duvauchelle (Denis’ Beau Travail) as her son—are the perfect complement to Denis’ superlative filmmaking.

White Material will almost certainly be re-released at Rialto and similar cinemas.


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